WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM ( Durations 3 Months )

Getting Slim won’t make anyone healthy. But getting healthy will definitely make him slim….

Samkkya’s Simple, Safe, natural, effective and scientifically proven solution for weight-related problems. It doesn’t focus on calorie burning but on igniting one’s own capability to burn fat. Most Weight loss programs are aimed on calorie burning while as our Specialty Weight Loss Program is designed to accelerating Metabolic rate (BMR).

BMR is Basal Metabolic Rate which means calories burned by body during complete rest. Which varies for every individual thus everyone have a different BMR. Our WL program takes a personalized approach to each individual. It’s an educative program which teaches us our personalized nutrition. Our Specialty weight loss strategies are among the healthiest methods of weight loss which provides a long term solution to weight-related problems.

Involves 4 Steps:


It’s a process of therapeutic Purging, where we clean the gut by giving a small dosage of natural cleanser (like prune paste) which thoroughly cleanse the system & helps liver to utilize excessive glycogen and thus reduces metabolic toxins.


It’s like a resting Workout. This massage may not be relaxing but is very functional. It is done with the help of Warm Herbal Powders (Mixture of 8 Different exfoliating herbs) which increases the temperature beneath the skin and helps to immobilize the excessive cellulite (Bonded Stubborn peripheral Fats) and utilize it as a source of Energy. Thus leaves a Firm, Toned & exfoliation effect on Body and act as an excellent natural Anti Cellulite Therapy.


Herbal Steam therapy is an excellent therapy to sweat without exertion. It opens the clogged pores of Skin and help to eliminate toxins thru sweating. It also increases peripheral temperature thus helps to burn peripheral fats and acts as an excellent therapy for water retention and puffiness.


Its one of the important aspect of Weight Loss Program without which effect of above therapies also it nullified. This diet is an Evolving Diet which is designed based on each individual’s metabolic rate, compatibility to certain Food groups, and Doshas.Interestingly this Diet is that it’s designed out of our own daily Meals so don’t worry!!! You still will be eating the same food but we will limit unhealthy, incompatible food which makes us put on weight.