"Abhyanga" -- the Ayurveda oil massage -- is said to be the mother of all the massages & is an integral part of the daily routine recommended for overall health and well-being. Skin being the Largest Surface organ, Instead of taking Medicine orally, the medicated Oils is made to absorb through skin in to the body directly by the means of Massage to exert a similar effect.

It is a distinctive Massage technique in which the medicated oil chosen based on pattern of Dosha & degree of Imbalance and smeared over the body followed by a series of rhythmic long strokes are taken along with body contours with a uniform Speed, Rhythm & Pressure to make these oils absorbed trans dermally (Skin)

Shirodhara (Mind Relaxation therapy)

The Shirodhara is hallmark Ayurveda Treatment also called "Third Eye massage".Shiro means the "Head" and Dhara is "pouring of Oil". It's a distinctive meditative therapy which involves rhythmically pouring of soothing warm medicated Oil over the forehead which completely relaxes the nervous system and calms the mind & induces a deep sense of relaxation & calmness.

BENEFITS OF Shirodhara

  • Excellent to promote sleep.
  • Brilliant therapy for Stress, Strain, Anxiety.
  • Helpful in Tension Headache and Migraine.
  • Strengthens the Nervous System.
  • Excellent for reduce Body heat.
  • Good for hair Fall & Scalp disease.
  • Improves memory, Brain reflexes.
  • Relieve mental Fatigue.
  • Helps to reduce Manas Doshas (Emotional Toxins).